Cooking Light Recipes: Cherry Crisp Sourced From Our Own Cherry Tree

Achievement: #7. Make 26 different recipes from Cooking Light

As homeowners, we discovered a new treat this spring – one of the trees in our backyard is a cherry tree! So, for Father’s Day, we decided to use cherries from our own tree to make some desserts for our dads. Although we made two dishes, only one was from the magazine, so this counts simply as #9.

Cooking Light
The jars of cherries from our tree (and this was only a small portion – if we had a decent ladder and a lot of free time, there would be even more!)

Cooking Light
Not a Cooking Light recipe, but even tastier than one! This is my mum’s famous cherry pie. I took the picture before I put the top crust on, because I just haven’t gotten the hang of her perfect crust technique yet!

Cooking Light
This one was from the magazine, a recipe for cherry crisp. These two went perfectly together with a nice cup of coffee!

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