The Bridges Of Pittsburgh: Birmingham & Smithfield

Achievement: #12. Make a photo documentary of Pittsburgh bridges

The following bridge pictures were taken when we went on our bike ride along the Pittsburgh rivers.

Bridge River Photography
This is the view of the Birmingham Bridge from the banks of the Monongahela. The Birmingham connects the Hill District and Oakland to the South Side, and does not have a pedestrian bridge (although plenty of drunk Pitt students have walked back across it anyway before the Hot Metal Bridge had a walkway!).

Bridge River Photography
This is the view from the Smithfield Street Bridge (which connects downtown Pittsburgh to Station Square) of the train and T bridge. Both bridges cross the Monongahela.

Bridge River Photography
This is the Smithfield Street Bridge, which looks even more gorgeous at night when it is lit with small blue lights. The tall building on the left is PPG Plaza. This is looking from the Strip District side into the downtown side.

Bridge River Photography
This shows the other side of the bridge, with Oxford Plaza directly to the right of the bridge.

Did I mention we have the most gorgeous city around?? 🙂

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