Black Friday & Putting Up The Christmas Tree

Achievement: #44. Do something Christmassy every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve

Well, after I ambitiously made up this Achievement, I realized that with my crazy work schedule (I work 62 hours every other week), this was going to be really tough. And with that in mind, I decided that we would do a slightly-altered version of this Achievement, and instead of bringing you thirty different Christmas things, I would give you thirty different Christmas pictures from the time. And I will do them in increments of five, so no one’s computer gets overloaded and quits! That wouldn’t be in the Christmas spirit, quitting-computers!

So without further ado, the first five pictures of Christmas:

My mum and I consistently go to Black Friday shopping (earlier and earlier each year) the morning after Thanksgiving. This year, we got some great deals at Best Buy… at 5am. Oh, and in the rain, did I mention that part??

I was sick on Thanksgiving, and so I was sick as we were picking out our Christmas tree… and this made me extra squinty in the sun. We always get our trees from Reilly’s Farm (where I worked as the hot dog girl when I was a kid during pumpkin patch season). They have the best trees, and the best prices!

Untangling the lights is always one of the first steps to decorating the tree, and somehow in the process, Lucy wound up retangled 😉

Once things were untangled, it was time to let the experts take over! I’m the Christmas soundtrack expert, but my mum is still the tree lights expert (much to Michael’s joy, leaving him off the hook).

And my dad is the angel on the top of the tree expert. We had a really wonderful tree decorating night with my parents, celebrating my dad’s birthday and watching the high school WPIAL football finals while putting up the lights!

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