In Which Our Dog Dresses Up For Christmas (Quite Voluntarily, We Assure You)

Achievement: #44. Do something Christmassy every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve

Time for the next five photos in our Christmas installment! This time, Lucy gets dressed up for Christmas cards!

First of all though, since we couldn’t go to Light Up Night, we stopped down at the PPG Rink to see the tree.

In the summer, this is a courtyard with fountains coming up out of the ground, but in the winter, they freeze it over and turn it into an ice rink, complete with our beautiful tree!

Michael may have gotten out of hanging the lights on the tree this year, but he definitely didn’t get out of hanging the outdoor lights! Somehow, we always seem to pick the windiest day of the winter for this event. 🙂

This is one of the outtakes from our Christmas card photo attempts: we call it, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Lucy.”

And here’s our little girl in the image that was on our final card design. She does not really have a handle on wearing those booties, and I have a funny video of her attempting to run in them, if I could figure out how to upload videos 🙂

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