Lucy In Costume: Our Dog Dresses Up To Ring In The New Year

Achievement: #94. Dress Lucy for at Least 3 Holidays

Since we do love to dress our little pup up so much (and she loves it, I promise, even if only because she gets extra treats if she sits nicely for the camera), we decided to make a commitment to getting her some nice holiday outfits in 2011.

And since I am generally quite ambitious at the start of a new year, I decided to start 2011 off right with some excitement for Lucy! She couldn’t come to First Night downtown with us, so I bought her a little hat and a noisemaker, and we celebrated Central Time’s new year with her.

Dress Lucy for a Holiday
Here she is in her hat, making a happy new year sound on her doot-doot-doot tube.

Dress Lucy for a Holiday
And here is my little girl wishing everyone the happiest of New Years! Lucy wants everyone to have a really fantastic 2011, and she even wore the silly hat to prove it!

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