Tequila Tour: We Claim A Prize

Achievement: #29. Verde Tequila Tour, Act II | #58. Verde Tequila Tour, Act III | #7. Verde Tequila Tour, Act I | #71. Verde Tequila Tour, Act IV | #81. Verde Tequila Tour, Act V

We don’t often post about a previous year’s achievements, but we had to make an exception just this one time. As our regular readers know, we spent 2013 visiting Verde Mexican Kitchen & Cantina with a single-minded purpose: to taste every single one of the 207 tequilas and mezcals they have on their wall. We reached our goal just before Christmas; we were, in fact, the first people to accomplish this.

Even though the achievement is finished, we still plan on continuing to be regulars this year, the next, and so on. So, last week, we made our first visit back since the big finish. And to our surprise, we were presented with a token of recognition, for being the first-ever people to run the whole tequila wall: our very…own…

Tequila flight serving paddles!

Yes, the staff gave us a pair to take home, which we promptly hung up at our personal bar.

And we couldn’t be prouder of them! So, friends, if you know us, we might be persuaded to conduct private tastings in the near future. (Though, let’s be real, you’ll learn more by actually going to Verde.)


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3 Responses to Tequila Tour: We Claim A Prize

  1. Nice…and SO very tasteful! Congrats you two!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for being there at our two most decadent tequila nights!

  3. woubbie

    Awesome, look at that wall, it’s gorgeous! Well, I know where I’m coming to wait out the Zombie Apocalypse.

    P.S. I’ll bring the weapons!

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