Proper Cocktail Hump Day: Golden Glove

Achievement: #67. Craft Cocktail Lab

Spring is in the air (along with a whole freaking ton of pollen), and with spring comes baseball season! For This installment of Proper Cocktail Hump Day, we decided to go with a baseball theme. We also thought we’d like to do a rum cocktail, because as diehard fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates, that just seemed appropriate.

Proper Cocktail Humpday
After doing a little digging, we came across a drink on called a Golden Glove. Created by Allen Katz, the drink is a Cointreau-infused take on the classic daiquiri. We found the initial recipe a little unbalanced for our taste (a bit too tart on the finish), but after upping the sugar content slightly, we found it more to our liking. Here’s how we made the drink:

2 oz white rum
1 barspoon Cointreau
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 tbsp sugar
shake with ice, strain into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice
garnish with lime wheel

Proper Cocktail Humpday
The extra citrus punch of the Cointreau was very refreshing — perfect for a spring night and a little evening baseball. Enjoy!

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