Cooking Light Challenge: Grilled Pork & Garlic Potatoes

Achievement: #7. Make 26 different recipes from Cooking Light

One of our goals for the year ties in with our decision to try to be healthier in general. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Cooking Light magazine, and I decided that it was time to stop just looking at the pictures longingly and actually make some of these delicious meals.

Of course, since Michael is the one in this marriage who can actually cook, I had to get his input. Thankfully, he was game, and so our next achievement was born: we have determined that we will cook at least 26 different recipes from the pages of this fantastic little magazine throughout the course of the year. This allows us to do a recipe every two weeks, and we figured that would give us no excuses, as we really only have to make a recipe each of my weekends off from work (I work every other weekend).

We started our first weekend off with a bang and made two recipes, one entree and one side dish. Everything was just delicious! I will always try to link the recipe from in case you want to give the tasty dish a try for yourself!

Cooking Light
The entree is grilled pork with blackberry sage sauce, and the side is new potatoes with roasted garlic viniagrette. The blackberry reduction was a little more difficult than we anticipated, but the flavor was still perfect even if the consistency was a bit off. Also, we used regular baking potatoes instead of new potatoes, but they were still amazing. They are cooked with dijon mustard, which makes the flavor so unique!

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