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A Trip To Cleveland For All Things Rock N Roll

Achievement: #85. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

As we race to close the books on our 2018 posts, come with us on a trip to scenic, exotic Cleveland, where we toured the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame! Continue reading


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A Mini-Marathon At Row House Cinema

Achievement: #77. See a Movie at Row House Cinema

We don’t make it out to the movies too often these days, but when we get the chance, we do it right. Check out our appraisal of Rowhouse Cinema in Lawrenceville and the themed series we saw: Tight Pants Week! Continue reading


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We Would Die 4 A Prince Movie Marathon

Achievement: #90. Prince Movie Marathon

This year, our main movie-related achievement was to watch all three Prince movies in a row, with cocktails to match each one. What were the highlights? What were the lowlights? Come and find out! Continue reading

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Pittsburgh’s Art All Night: Live Music, Cold Warehouse Air, Some Hidden Gems

Achievement: #35. Art All Night

We’re working on clearing out the achievement backlog, so here we come with an oldie-but-goodie: It’s Pittsburgh’s yearly Art All Night event! Check out our tour of the event. Continue reading

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Go, Go, Go To A Late Night Show (At Club Cafe)

Achievement: #90. Club Cafe Late Show

If you want to take a chance on some new-to-you music, checking out the late show at Club Cafe is a pretty safe and inexpensive way to do so. For the price of only $8 a head, we were able to see two new bands last month. Here’s a recap of the Driftwood show, featuring local duo The Wreckids. Continue reading

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Dave Matthews Band At Alpine Valley

Achievement: #77. See DMB at Least Twice

It’s no secret that we’re crazy about our Dave Matthews Band shows, and this year, we re-visited our 2010 Achievement of planning to see them at least twice. As it turned out, we got to attend 4 shows on the … Continue reading

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Shearing Da Beard With Donnie Iris And The Diesel

Achievement: #23. Wildcard - Shear Da Beard

Each year that we’ve done this list, we’ve consistently run into a particular problem: new events pop up throughout the year that we’d love to cover for the blog, but once the New Year hits, it’s too late to add … Continue reading

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First Night? More Like Best Night!

Achievement: #65. Pittsburgh First Night

Well, there’s nothing I like more than starting off a new year on the right track. And in this case, we started our year off by completing an Achievement the moment the clock turned to midnight (yes, I know, we … Continue reading


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We Rock Out For 3 Nights With Dave Matthews At Bader Field

Achievement: #63. Participate in 3 DMB-Inspired Things

When we crafted this list back in December of 2010, we were very much under the impression that there would be a full year without Dave Matthews Band. For me, that’s only happened twice since the year 2000, where I … Continue reading


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A Wild, Joyful Night With U2 At Heinz Field

Achievement: #33. See 4 New Bands Live

Last night, I had the chance to finally see One Of Those Bands I’d Love To See Someday. I presume that everyone has a list like this. These are the bands that you’ve loved for a long time, but who … Continue reading

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