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In Which We Leap All Over Pittsburgh On Leap Day

Achievement: #5. Leap Day Leaping

A couple weeks before the big lockdown, we took to the streets to celebrate Leap Day. How does one celebrate Leap Day, you wonder? Well…we assumed it was by leaping. So that’s what we did, all over Pittsburgh. Continue reading

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Jelly Of The Month Club: Trader Joe’s Organic Super Fruit

Achievement: #8. Jelly of the Month Club

Inspired by our Pittsburgh Pirates, we’re going to be sampling jelly all year long. None of that is a lie. Continue reading


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In Which We Photobomb Nature

Achievement: #10. Popping into the Frame Series

While we are the sort of couple who enjoys a nice, classy dinner with a fancy bottle of wine, we are also the sort of couple who, from time to time, rewatches old skits from Saturday Night Live and then reenacts them as if they really happened to us. I mean, mostly the thing about the nice bottles of wine, but… sometimes, we just can’t help it. Digital Shorts happen. Continue reading

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Our Fake Business Lunch At Diamond Market Bar & Grill

Achievement: #8. Pretend to Have a Classy Business Lunch Downtown

Each December, we seem to find ourselves faced with the challenge of, “oh my God, how is it December already, and what do you mean we have 35 Achievements left to complete???” This leads to some interesting combinations of Achievements … Continue reading

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A Night Of Misadventures Featuring Dave Matthews

Achievement: #36. Watch a Movie Starring Dave Matthews Since There Is No Tour | #63. Participate in 3 DMB-Inspired Things

So, to round out our DMB-Inspired Achievement, we decided to pair it up with #36, our Dave Matthews movie night. If you weren’t aware, Mr. Matthews is quite the versatile guy, and when he’s not writing and performing the best … Continue reading


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Feats Of Strength: The Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon & Drinking Game

Achievement: #2. Hulk Hogan Movie Marathon/Drinking Game | #9. Use Our Popcorn Maker and Creme Brulee Maker

If you were reading our blog last year, you probably remember our elaborate Van Damme Movie Marathon, complete with different foods to match each movie, and super creative Photoshop works of art that I made to make my husband look … Continue reading

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The Elaborate Monthly: Pork Chop Sauté With Peaches

Achievement: #34. Have One New Elaborate Homecooked Meal a Month

Funnily enough, we made our August meal waaaaaaay back in the beginning of August… and it took me until September to post about it. My bad! However, this August, I decided to make a homecooked meal not only for my … Continue reading

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Beaufurb The Furby Visits Point State Park & Kennywood

Achievement: #28. Take Pictures of a Silly Mascot in 10 Famous Places

Well, we’ve obviously been out and about quite a bit lately, but we haven’t forgotten to take Beaufurb along for the fun! It’s tough to be a small Furby mascot, having to experience all sorts of things without, you know, … Continue reading

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Hold Me Closer, Inappropriate Dancer: Waltzing With Cannons

Achievement: #64. Inappropriate Dances in 10 New Locations

Well, in addition to dancing with the chickens at the Big Butler Fair (referred to as ‘poultry’ by the sign on the barn, but I called them chickens to their face, lest they realize they are destined to be someone’s … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Holiday Outfits: Dressin’ For America

Achievement: #94. Dress Lucy for at Least 3 Holidays

Well, it’s halfway through the year, and we have somehow not dressed our little girl for any holidays since New Year’s Eve! July 4th is a special day for Miss Lucy: it’s her birthday!! We aren’t exactly sure of her … Continue reading

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