Sweet Avila Beach, How We’ve Missed Thee

Achievement: #26. Have a fun photo shoot on the beach

We decided when we figured out we’d be going to Avila Beach that we wanted to take a whole bunch of cute, fun pictures on the beach there. However, the weather was just stacked against us when we were in California. It rained most of the time we were there, and the beach was soaked.

But the neat thing about it all was that we’d never been to Central Coast during the rainy season (just missed it when we lived there, visiting at the end of December and February). While I could have done with a single day of storms, and not the whole trip, it was still cool to see the way the different weather affected the scenery.

We noticed it first along the PCH. Normally, the drive south from San Francisco starts out foggy (all of San Francisco is foggy until the afternoon, really), but it gets clearer as you drive down. This time, we had no such luck. However, we did get to see a really different, but still beautiful scene.

The Beach
Whenever we’re in CA, we always seem to manage to stop at this same overlook. But here it is in stormy weather!

The Beach
It stormed Friday night, and this was the scene at Avila Beach on Saturday morning. We’d never seen it like this before. Avila is usually very calm and serene.

Me on the walk over to Port San Luis for breakfast.

Michael on the walk. This is the area where you can bring your dogs to play in the water!

And our classic beach kiss shot!

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