Home Improvement: Brighter Days (and Nights)

Achievement: #70. Re-do the ground floor lights | #95. Average one house project per month

Michael got such a good response from the kitchen light that he decided to re-do the next two lights shortly after and also install a copper sink designed by Sinkology. We have four lights in the downstairs: one in the kitchen, one in the dining room, one in the living room, and one in the hallway. He knocked out two at once, despite needing to do some serious rewiring from the upstairs, which also involved temporary carpet removal (thank god we have a NW Rugs in our neighborhood, and bought new carpets from there)!

The former living room light. We have an open floor plan, with living room and dining room connected. Can you imagine these little lights working for the full space? Not a chance!

The new lights on. Switching to the energy efficient bulbs also allowed us to have brighter, whiter lights, which help fill the space as well.

Here is the light off, so you can see the detail more. I just love the design!

Michael did not take a ‘before’ picture of the hallway light (and he did them as a surprise to me, so I couldn’t remind him), but here is the lamp he put in. I love Tiffany lamps, so he knew this one would be a win with me!

The view walking downstairs. The light that had been here was similar to the small one in the living room. While Ikea is a great furniture store, it just doesn’t have what it takes to work in a beautiful old house like this!

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