The 2010 Primanti’s-For-All: The South Side

Achievement: #13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

We hit up the South Side Primanti Brothers on a Monday evening, just before 6pm. While I thought there wouldn’t be a Primanti’s I liked less than Cranberry, I think I may have been proved wrong.

This Primanti Brothers was the opposite of the one in Cranberry we felt so awkward in: instead of being ultra glitzy and un-Primantis-like, it was smoky and crusty and un-Primantis-like. The South Side location is a downtown location where the sandwiches are not made in front of you, and it also has a cigar bar in it. Gross. We do not like the smoking-in-bars/restaurants thing. It changes the flavor of your coleslaw hehe.

That being said, the sandwiches were good, and the service was prompt. It was just a weird vibe to see people smoking at Primanti’s.

I had the famous cheesesteak, and Michael had hot sausage (he ordered sweet sausage, then took a bite and said, ‘holy cow that’s a spicy sweet sausage’ before seeing the receipt and realizing they’d entered it wrong hehe).

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