Cooking Light Recipes: Maple Grilled Salmon and Parmesan Zucchini Sticks

Achievement: #7. Make 26 different recipes from Cooking Light

Next up on our Cooking Light quest was one of the most delicious, but also most difficult recipes. Michael handled the meat, which left me to (try to) take care of the vegetable. Here is where things got difficult!

Cooking Light
The meat for this recipe was maple grilled salmon, which had a lovely glaze of vinegar and maple syrup. This cooked quite well, but the Parmesan zucchini sticks were quite a bit of trouble!

We had to slice the zucchini and then dip it in egg whites and a mix of panko and breadcrumbs (we actually substituted potato chips for breadcrumbs). However, the egg whites didn’t have quite the stickiness of a regular egg preparation, and the dredging involved a lot of sticky mess on me, and clumpy, not-sticking-to-the-zucchini panko blend in the bowl. However, once we got it to stick, the flavor was amazing!! We bought low-sugar tomato sauce instead of making our own, as the recipe suggests, but it was still really good. This meal was delicious, but it was a lot of work!

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