Hold Me Closer, Inappropriate Dancer: Boogie On The Turnpike

Achievement: #88. Dance inappropriately in 8 Pittsburgh locations

Dance location #3 was one of those opportunities that you can’t have and skip out on. We were returning from our biennial family reunion at Laurel Hill State Park (what a beautiful, beautiful place that part of the state is – can’t wait for our Ohiopyle Achievement!) and driving down the Turnpike, when traffic suddenly came to a complete stop.

Some quick Googling on my fancy Droid phone revealed that there had been an accident… two mile markers ahead of where we were. So, we sat, and we waited… and waited… and waited…

After about fifteen minutes, everyone had turned off their cars and started wandering around the Turnpike lanes, trying to get a view of what was causing the hold up. And by thirty minutes of sitting in a hot car in the sun on the highway, it was time to throw down a Turnpike dance party.


(And although this is not entirely related, I wanted to share this fantastic picture of my parents doing their best impression of a road sign at the same Turnpike stoppage 🙂


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