The 2010 Primanti’s-For-All: Downtown At Cherry Way

Achievement: #13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

After burning all those calories biking around the Pittsburgh rivers, we decided we had earned a lunch at Primanti’s! We headed into downtown to the Cherry Way location. I’ve always liked this one for some reason, I think dating back to my days of being a temp when I would occasionally treat myself to an egg sandwich for breakfast here. I worked in Oxford Plaza one summer, and this was like a once-monthly splurge.

Michael got the roast beef, which was sliced deli meat style, and I got my favorite, the salami sandwich. Oh yum!

That’s my salami sandwich. Just like heaven!

I think one of the reasons I love this location is the inclusion of the word ‘pop’ on the sign above the counter. If you aren’t from Pittsburgh, you should know that it’s one of the great debates: pop v. soda. You can generally tell who is from out of town by their preference of soda. But the correct word to use is, of course, pop. Sorry honey! (His family is from New York originally, so I guess we can’t blame them πŸ˜‰

Okay, I have to come clean about my soda history. It just wouldn’t be fair. There was a time when I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and because people can be such Massholes, and they were giving me a hard enough time about being a Steeler fan (the number of times I heard people say ‘Roethlisbum’ that summer was insane – it was the summer of 2005, and boy did I want to call all those people up in February 2006!). I had to say soda for that summer, and I really had to say it when we lived in Los Angeles, but I’ll tell you this, I started saying pop again as soon as our car pulled out of our driveway in Burbank for the last time!

Back to the issue at hand, now. This is the outside of the Cherry Way Primanti’s, which I have always loved. It’s got that classic Primanti Brothers look to it, so I wanted a nice picture. My apologies to the guy with the ponytail, who I have clearly just inadvertently made blogland famous. πŸ™‚

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