Halloween-ing: Lucy The Bumblepit

Achievement: #82. Do 5 Halloween things in October

Our second Halloween thing of October was to dress up our dog. Poor Lucy has such stocky shoulders, it is rather hard to find clothes that fit her (although it is necessary, as this little beast loves wearing clothes for some reason). And did you know how fast size XXL doggy costumes sell out? The really cute ones at least sell out weeks and weeks before Halloween!

I managed to find one on Target.com, but it said it may not ship until after Halloween. I decided to risk it, and it wound up shipping the next day. So, before Halloween came around, we did a test run to get LucyPup used to her new outfit.

Here she is! The sweet baby bumblepit! She is only sitting that nicely because we were holding up pieces of cheese for her.

Here she is giving me the, ‘Mommy, why am I a bumblepit?’ look.

Then she was wriggling too much for the camera, so I had to hold her in place a little so she would pose…

And here is a nice view of the antennae, which are really quite genius in design. Unlike her Shrek ears, which are just a headband, these have an actual band that loops under her chin and can be adjusted. Puppy moms appreciate these kinds of things!

For some reason, this costume is very puffy, I guess to protect her when she starts wriggling around in it and running into things (which she does a lot). This picture just cracks me up, because you can see how big it is on her. That’s my little sweety!! Now, to get our pumpkin and pose her next to it… 🙂

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