Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Gluten-Free Heaven At Gluuteny

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

Our second-to-last Murray Ave stop was the amazing Gluuteny. Gluuteny has actually been a particularly near-and-dear-to-our-hearts place even before we ever ate their delicious baked goods. This is because one day, we were headed to the 61C Cafe just up the street, and no sooner had we taken off our seatbelts after parking the car, but a poor little old man had some pedal confusion and ran right over the sidewalk, wove deftly between two parking meters, and crashed straight into the corner of the Gluuteny building.

This, in and of itself, is interesting, but what is more interesting is the fact that his wife, who was walking up the sidewalk at the time of the incident, simply shook her head and said, “Oh, he’s gone and run into the gluten-free,” in a tone of voice that suggested she mightaswell have been saying something as ordinary as, “Oh, Morris forgot to change his hearing aid battery again. Or he forgot about his appointment at Tinnitus And Hearing Center of Arizona.”

So this place was kind of a legend to us before we even had their cupcakes.

Gluuteny is another dairy-free bakery, like Sweet Tammy’s, but it’s also (as the name implies) gluten-free.

This is the famous corner that the elderly gentleman smashed up. It has since been repaired. We were in the area the day that happened too, so we felt kind of like celebrities, except celebrities who just hang around the same stretch of Murray Ave too much.

We figured it was probably a good idea to actually take a picture of one of us on Murray Ave, so here I am with my bag of goodies.

Here are the goodies we got: a cupcake, a mini pumpkin torte, and a snowman sugar cookie.

Here is my artsy-er picture of the goodies.

And here is the first bite of the goodies! We really, really loved our treats from Gluuteny. Somehow, the dry texture of the Sweet Tammy’s dairy-free desserts was remedied the way that Gluuteny made them. I’m not sure what the difference was, but you could barely tell there was anything different in flavor from a full dairy and gluten-heavy dessert. We will certainly return (and their fantastic customer service gets points in our book as well)!

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