Pittsburgh Churches: St. John’s Lutheran In Old Economy

Achievement: #58. Photograph 10 Pittsburgh churches

Church #6 is a very near and dear one to my family’s heart. In 2011, you will get a better idea of my family’s connection to Ambridge (this is where my mum’s side of the family lived, and we are planning to spend a day there as one of our 2011 Achievements), but this little town has appeared a few times on our 2010 list as well.

Ambridge has some of the most beautiful churches in the city, and some of the most varied styles, as well. One of these churches is St. John’s Lutheran church, which is across the street from Old Economy. We visited this church on the night of the Old Economy Christmas festival.

However, it was a very important church to my mum, as it was the place she learned to play piano when she was little. Although I’m sure she had taken me here when I was a child, it was really neat to be able to see as an adult this place that she had talked so much about. Also, they apparently make really good halushki, but we got there after it had run out. An Achievement for another year, clearly!

St. John's Lutheran
The lovely bell tower and clock fits in so well with the rest of the design of the homes and shops of the Harmonist Society at Old Economy. They also do a live nativity in the winter.

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