Hold Me Closer, Inappropriate Dancer: Dance-Off At The Spaghetti Warehouse

Achievement: #88. Dance inappropriately in 8 Pittsburgh locations

So, on December 1, a full month before the end of our Achievements for the year, I completed the lengthy Inappropriate Dance Achievement. And I want you to know that this was the most epic of the dances, because not only did I dance, but I got my entire TGIO Party to dance.

If you’re not of the NaNoWriMo persuasion, the TGIO (Thank God It’s Over) Party is held shortly after the completion of November as an excuse to eat, drink, and celebrate the end of your crappy (or fabulous, if you are good at this, and I therefore hate you) novel.

Since I have been running the Pittsburgh scene for the past few years, we get together at the Spaghetti Warehouse to have pasta and read each other’s excerpts and commiserate. And this year, we came together to dance inappropriately.

Dancing Inappropriately
That girl across from me is my dear friend Katherine, who danced inappropriately with me at more than just this event. We were tango-ing just moments earlier, but it was blocking the view of our dancers at the end of the table, so we calmed it down ever so slightly for this picture.

So in 2011, all I’m saying is don’t be surprised if I get an even bigger group of people to dance. Eventually, I’m going to be that guy who dances on YouTube all over the world! Except in Steeler jerseys. (Seriously, I should never have linked to that video, because I’m going to be up all night now, watching it over and over – it’s addictive!)

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