The Climb Up Mt. Photo-A-Day

Achievement: #74. Photo a Day

For this Achievement, I really wanted to do one of those year-long blog things that seems like such a great idea as a New Year’s Resolution (and then breaks your soul as the year goes on). We take enough pictures, I figured, what’s the harm in doing one a day?

To make things more specfic, we have set up some rules.

~ Only one picture (no matter how many cute Lucy pictures I take in a day)
~ The picture can be one that will also be used in a blog post here, but does not have to be
~ Only a sentence or two can be used alongside the picture to set the stage of what we were doing/seeing
~ While the photo does not have to be uploaded as soon as it is taken, in order to count for the Achievement, a photo must be actually taken each day (and I will then back-date it appropriately when posted on the blog)
~ Either one of us may contribute the photo of the day

And also, to accommodate this massive amount of photos without cluttering up everything else here, we have dedicated a new blog page to it. So, if you want to see our photos of the day, please click on that link, and enjoy!

I promise, they will not *all* be of Lucy!

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