Hold Me Closer, Inappropriate Dancer: A Woodlands Frolic

Achievement: #64. Inappropriate Dances in 10 New Locations

Earlier today, I danced inappropriately in the middle of the woods at McConnells Mills.

Inappropriate Dancing
I danced on a tree, even though Michael thought I was going to fall off and hurt myself (which was a physical impossibility, I grew up running across trees like this one).

Inappropriate Dancing
I danced on a bridge.

Inappropriate Dancing
I tried to channel the moves of Apollo and Julianne’s classic freestyle to “Bust a Move.”

Inappropriate Dancing
And then I danced in a freezing cold creek.

This was not all the excitement of our trip to McConnells Mills, which involved some chasing of waterfalls. You can check back tomorrow for the full story, once I recover and rest up a little bit 🙂

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