A Water’s Eye View Of The Ohio River

Achievement: #17. See a River From Two New Perspectives | #7. Just Ducky Tour

Last year, we had the fabulous experience of biking the Eliza Furnace Trail, a bike-friendly path that goes along the Monongahela River and into downtown. On that trip, we got to see the river from some angles that we’d never seen before, and this inspired us to check out the rivers from a few new perspectives this year.

Our first opportunity to do that was on our Just Ducky Tour, when we were closer to the rivers than ever before. We’ve both been on boats before (and we were on a boat last year for an Achievement), but never were we this close to the water!!

New River Perspective
This gives you a bit of an idea of how near the water the duck boat gets you. I am glad we went on a day that wasn’t too windy, because I feel like any rocking of this boat would end up with a lot of wet passengers!

New River Perspective
These photos were taken on the Ohio River, and this is the North Shore stretch between the Carnegie Science Center and the Rivers Casino.

New River Perspective
And here is our lovely city from right in the middle of the river!

New River Perspective
Here’s the Ft. Pitt Bridge, just above where the Ohio splits into the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers.

New River Perspective
This is the Mr. Rogers Memorial, set in front of the last remaining bits of the Manchester Bridge Pier, which used to span from the North Shore to Point State Park.

New River Perspective
And finally, our lovely city and the Ft. Duquesne Bridge, as our duck boat pulled back onto the dock.

Fall is officially here, so I’m hoping to get our next new river perspective with some of the lovely fall foliage that is on its way. But it was certainly an adventure to be on a boat so close to the water that we could reach out and touch the river!

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