Enjoy Lunch On The Clock At Tic Toc

Achievement: #28. Pittsburgh Restaurant Week | #67. 10 Downtown Restaurants

Restaurant Week is flying by!! Can’t believe it’s already Saturday, which means we only have two stops left: dinner tonight and brunch tomorrow. Today will be a two-post day though, because I got to eat at two restaurants yesterday!

Tic Toc Restaurant
Back in my Office Lady days, one of my favorite things about working downtown was getting to have lunch with my mum several days a week (she also works downtown). And one of our favorite places to stop is the Tic Toc Restaurant, located in the big downtown Macy’s (which I still call Kaufmann’s, even after all these years). Once I heard that they were participating in Restaurant Week, I knew my mum and I had to meet up for lunch there, just like the old days!

Tic Toc Restaurant
If you didn’t know about the Tic Toc, you might very well miss it (which would be a shame!). It’s tucked away in the corner of the main floor (which is SO confusing to me… only our downtown Macy’s has these crazy half-floors and separate areas of main floors), back behind the men’s shirts. And they’re only open for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Saturday from 11am until 3pm.

Tic Toc Restaurant
But there’s something so very charming and comforting about the little Tic Toc Restaurant. We love the variety of clocks on the walls, and having lunch in a big department store, which for some reason makes me think of old movies like An Affair to Remember and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (Although, the sweet little Tic Toc is no fancy wine bar like the one in the Chicago Macy’s – still have a coupon for a free dessert there the next time we are in town, haha!)

Tic Toc Restaurant
For Restaurant Week, the Tic Toc was offering a lunch-for-two special, and while my mum and I were tempted to try it, we couldn’t resist getting our old standard favorite lunch.

Tic Toc Restaurant
Oh yes, that’s a classic Pittsburgh salad. (Pro tip: it’s listed on the menu only as a steak salad, but if you ask, they’ll sub in chicken for the same low price!) The cucumbers were SO fresh yesterday, and the French fries are always excellent – crispy, but not greasy. I’m sure the other menu items are delicious, but I can never tear myself away from this salad!

The Tic Toc was the perfect place to stop in for a quick afternoon lunch yesterday. They do get busy during ‘typical’ business lunch hours of 12-2, but if you let the staff know you’re on a timetable, they can accommodate you.

And although we didn’t have room for dessert (and they were sold out of their famous Mile High Ice Cream Pie anyway by the time we got there), I did have an after-lunch treat of walking through the shoe department on the way to my car. That Macy’s always has the biggest shoe collection (and boot collection, yum), and it took me back to my old office days where I spent many a lunch hour trying on shoes and doing the math to see how many hours I needed to work to afford them!

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