Festival Of Fish Fry: Holy Angels in Wilmerding

Achievement: #17. Fish Fry Tour

While we are really insistent during Lent to not repeat churches, this season, we wound up going to two different churches of the same name. As it turns out, the Holy Angels (in Hays) that we love so dearly is not the only Holy Angels church in Pittsburgh. There’s also a Holy Angels in Wilmerding, which is a Lutheran Church (the one in Hays is Roman Catholic).

A dear friend of mine and I started a Twitter discussion about ‘amazing fish sandwiches at Holy Angels,’ not realizing until about 7 Tweets in that we were talking about different churches.

And, you know, I’m nothing if not thorough. So off we were!

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
(Well, off Michael was. I was at work, so he was on fish fry duty again.)

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
Yet again, another great crew of volunteers at the fish fry kept things running smoothly. And Holy Angels in Wilmerding has lunchtime fish as well, so you can beat the dinner rush!

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
Here’s where the magic happens!

The prices at the Wilmerding Holy Angels are a little higher ($12 for a dinner), but the fish is baked, instead of fried. This, my friend and I decided, means that the fish is totally healthy and good for you, so it’s worth the extra price. (Ok, I realize this is rather akin to the old story my aunt tells about someone telling her ‘fish is good for you’ when she was a teenager, which made her eat at Long John Silvers like every day. But come on, it’s a fish fry! It’s all relative!)

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
You definitely *do* get your $12 worth though! Check out that fish, bursting out of its little styrofoam house!!

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
I absolutely made this into two meals. Michael got the mac n cheese as one of his sides, while I got the halushki (which was so, SO good and buttery, even though it’s not pictured, since I was eating it at work). While I know it wasn’t *healthy* healthy, I do think the baked breading was lighter than a standard frying, and I appreciated the different approach to preparing the fish.

Fish Fry Tour - Holy Angels Wilmerding
So, now I’ve got two Holy Angels churchs on my Lenten Fish Fry radar. Both are convenient to us city-folk, and both can provide you with multiple meals for just one price.

Only one more Lenten meal to go (::tear::), and we’ll be visiting my family’s church in Ambridge on Good Friday for part of it. Stay tuned for our final Lenten meal of 2013!

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