CSA Spectacular: Greens Galore (& Mojitos!)

Achievement: #26. Join a CSA

Since things have been a little busy lately, I missed last week’s CSA post & am bringing our readers a CSA double feature today. Following will be our post of Week 6, and Week 7’s post will go up later this evening.

For some unknown reason, we missed getting a picture of Week 6’s box, but here’s what was in it: blueberries from Dawson’s Orchards, romaine lettuce from Sunny Meadow Farm, beets and swiss chard from Nu Way Farm, green onions and snap peas from Blue Goose Farm, and red cabbage, collard greens, and cucumbers from Clarion River Organics.

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
I love the light and crisp oak leaf lettuce we get pretty regularly in our share, and I like to make a small side salad to go along with a meal. I threw together a breakfast sandwich for lunch (provolone cheese and Canadian bacon with garlic on an English muffin) and had a little salad on the side to add some veggies.

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
And we had more for dinner with fish tacos. The oak leaf lettuce (from our Week 5 share) tastes so fresh and healthy, it’s just right for almost any meal.

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
On the other hand, I totally messed up this amazing portion of collard greens. Learn from my mistakes: collard greens need to be cooked a LOT longer than other greens (Swiss chard, beet greens, etc.), so don’t be afraid to leave them in the pot way past what seems necessary. I got that panicky ‘I’m going to overcook the greens!’ feeling and wound up with really, really chewy greens. Oops! Not every dish can be a success lol.

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
What *was* a resounding success was my National Mojito Day creation: blueberry mojitos! (National Mojito Day is July 11, if you’re wondering. So for those of you who don’t like the free Slurpees at 7/11, here’s your alternative!) I first had one of these when we were in Atlantic City for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan festival, and I was hooked. I used this simple recipe from Inspired Taste, featuring fresh blueberries from the CSA and fresh mint from my herb garden! This drink is a great hot summer afternoon sipper, and it’s got fruit in it, so it *must* be healthy!

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
Week 6 also brought us this awesome looking zucchini, so I (ran out to the store at 11pm because I couldn’t find my loaf pan) decided to make an old classic from my baking repertoire: zucchini bread!

CSA Weeks 6 & 7
I used the zucchini bread recipe from the Penn’s Corner blog, and it was probably the best zucchini bread I’ve ever made. I wound up baking it just under the recommended time, which made it soft and delicious without too hard of a crust. I’ll absolutely be making this recipe again (I made it without walnuts, although you can add those in if you prefer).

Week 7 brought some exciting new veggies and a giant bag of peaches, so check back to night to see what we made with all of them!

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