Jelly Club: Fig Cabernet & Strawberry Rhubarb

Achievement: #8. Jelly of the Month Club

Okay. I admit: we’re a little behind on our Jelly of the Month Club posts. I’ll make a solemn vow to keep up with these better in 2014! (PS, we are adding 2 new ‘of the month’s to 2014… any guesses to what they are?)

Jelly of the Month: July & August
July’s Jelly of the Month had all the makings of something we were going to love: Oshra Tisbhi Wine Preserves, with Fig & Cabernet.

And while it seemed like a great idea… it just sort of fell flat in reality.

Jelly of the Month: July & August
The flavor was way too delicate to go with the peanut butter, and honestly even so delicate that it got lost in the flavor of the English muffin.

Jelly of the Month: July & August
Of course, some people in this house could care less about the delicate-ness of a jelly. Some people just want jelly in any form.

Jelly of the Month: July & August
Don’t know wut you guys problem with this jelly are, says Lucy. This jelly jus delishus.

color: 4
flavor: 3
jelly-ness: 3
bottle presentation: 4
awesomeness: 3

After reading the website, it seems these jellies are recommended to pair with certain cheeses, so I can see us going back and trying that on one of our winter charcuterie nights (umm, yes, we are that couple who has winter charcuterie nights).

Jelly of the Month: July & August
August’s Jelly of the Month was something we picked up at Marty’s Market in the Strip, Tait Farm Foods Strawberry Rhubarb Conserve.

Jelly of the Month: July & August
Amazingly, this jelly had the consistency of more like a bruschetta than a jelly. It was great with both the peanut butter crackers and the English muffin. Super spreadable, juicy, and flavorful.

Jelly of the Month: July & August
Lucy was a big fan as well.

color: 3
flavor: 5
jelly-ness: 4
bottle presentation: 4
awesomeness: 4

This jelly would work quite well as an all-around, all-purpose jelly. I think we’ll also check out some of their other flavors the next time we’re at Marty’s!

Our next jellies of the month will be featured soon, so check back!

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