Baconraiser IV: In Space

Achievement: #12. Bacon of the Month Club

(Because the fourth installment of a franchise had better be set in space.)

Greetings, friends! We march on through another glorious month of Bacon Club with the April edition from Crested Duck Charcuterie: Thai Green Curry!

April Bacon of the Month
How good was this stuff? I’ll let my kitchen assistant, Miss Lucy Red, dog-splain for you.

April Bacon of the Month

April Bacon of the Month

April Bacon of the Month
So yeah, the bacon was freaking delicious. The curry flavor was there, but fairly subtle and in balance with the more usual bacon-y flavors. This lent it a nice versatility. So, as is our usual, we had it in our traditional diner-breakfast formation…

April Bacon of the Month

…as well as in tater salad form…
April Bacon of the Month

…as well as part of our April Charcuterie Plate (note the lower right corner)…
Cheese of the Month - April

…as well as part of a killer spinach artichoke bacon dip recipe. This, however, was devoured so quickly that conventional cameras could not capture its majesty.

Soooo, we got a lot of mileage out of this bacon. But how did it score?

Crested Duck Thai Green Curry Bacon
Fattiness: 9. Crested Duck really knows how to make choice cuts. This month, though, we had a much easier time actually separating the bacon, since the packaging was slightly different (read: not vacuum-style).
Flavor: 9. The flavor was the most consistent yet from piece to piece, and like I mentioned earlier, the curry was more of an accent than a dominating feature. Like tossing a little gin into your sangria, it just added another layer of complexity. And that layer played really well in different contexts.
Saltiness: 8. Again, the C.D. folk know what they are doing. The salt was prominent, but it didn’t suck all the moisture out of your mouth, either. It was counterbalanced well by the sweetness and spice of the curry.
Cooking Survival: 9. This bacon actually gained a little more of the curry note the longer you cooked it, almost like it was becoming more concentrated. It was pretty cool, and may be marked as the first time in Bacon History that I’ve actually preferred the bacon just the littlest bit crispier.

So there you have it…April’s Bacon of the Month. Tune in next month for…

April Bacon of the Month
WTF? I didn’t start cooking that! Who could it have been?

April Bacon of the Month
“Wut, Daddy? Is good.”

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