Cocktail Corner: Autumn in the Springtime

Achievement: #62. Conquer the Banker’s List at Tender

Here we return with the fourth entry of our quasi-monthly Cocktail Corner — which means strap on your monocles, kids; it’s about to get fancy.

Tender's Bankers List

Back in April, we knocked a couple more cocktails off the wonderfully curated Banker’s List at Tender Bar + Kitchen. For the uninitiated, Tender’s Banker’s List is a roster of new and contemporary classic cocktails — shaken, stirred, Tiki, you name it. (Check out our previous visits in the Cocktail Corner backlog.)

In this round, we’ve got two more cocktails off the list, and a third that’s literally off the list that we’ll get to later. First, though, the official entries: the Lion’s Tail and the Diamondback. These are bourbon and rye cocktails, respectively. And even though we had them in the spring, I see them both as wonderful drinks for the fall, so plan accordingly.

Lion’s Tail
Born in 1937 (or perhaps earlier), this dusky libation is made with bourbon, allspice dram, lime juice, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters.

Cocktails at Tender: The Lion's Tail
The allspice dram really influences the character of this drink in an interesting way. Since allspice dram is rum-based, it tempers the bourbon and brings this apple-y earthiness to the scene, which just made Fox and I long for autumn.

This saucy number is made with rye, apple brandy, yellow Chartreuse (though you might find it made with green), and Angostura bitters. It’s delicious, but packs a wallop on the finish. If you just turned 21 and are looking for a first cocktail…well, you might need to level up before you partake.

Cocktails at Tender: The Diamondback
The Diamondback might remind you of an apple that had been steeped in a Manhattan. The apple brandy (or applejack), much like the allspice dram in the Lion’s Tail, is what gives this one its autumny character. But be warned: it’s got a bitter finish, like that first rainy chill in late September.

Now: we promised two drinks from the Banker’s List, and one not on that list. Here’s the third pillar of our autumn-in-the-springtime cocktail triad.

Cocktails at Tender: The Front Porch Swing

Front Porch Swing
This lovely cocktail was created by our friend, tequila professor, and Tender ‘tender, Hannah. It’s made with Fighting Cock bourbon, Kina Aperitif, orgeat, lemon, and Peychaud’s & peach bitters. It really rounded out our evening well. The name describes the feeling you get from it perfectly — it’ll remind you of sitting outside, feet brushing the porch floor as you sway ever so slightly. This, even if you’ve never had a porch.

Anyway, we would heartily recommend both Banker’s List drinks; and frankly, that Front Porch Swing belongs in a class with them.

Check in next month for more cocktails!

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