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Achievement: #76. Tequila shot at the Hotel California

Since we started going to San Francisco together, we have been staying at the famous Hotel California. That line about checking out any time but never leaving? Not exactly true, as it turns out. We found it by chance on our first visit, but it’s an ideal location, quite reasonably priced, and just generally a lovely old hotel with a lot of character (and we have stayed at the Hotel Chelsea, so we know hotel character). Each evening, they have wine, cheese, and snacks for free in the lobby, and the rooms are all individually designed and the walls and ceilings painted with murals and the lyrics to songs about Calfornia.

One of the other unique things about the hotel is that you get a free tequila shot at check-in. It’s not always the finest tequila, but I can’t think of another hotel that offers the same promotion, and it’s just such a Hotel California type of thing, so we love it.

Tequila Shots
Here we are at the hotel with our tequila shots, arriving fresh off the train from Pittsburgh (we traveled through the Rocky Mountains, which explains the winter coats lol). The photo was taken by the super helpful front desk guy whose name escapes me, but he is absolutely the best when it comes to recommendations and directions. We really can’t say enough good things about this hotel and our experiences there!

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