The Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Achievement: #83. Get my picture taken in front of a lighthouse

After our long train ride and our short stay in San Francisco, we were off to our favorite West Coast destination, Avila Beach (a tiny seaside town in Central Coast). And no trip south in California feels quite complete if you don’t take Highway One, that amazing coastal highway that you see in all of the Come-to-CA brochures.

An interesting note that we discovered during our stay at the Hotel California – PCH is a mostly-southern CA term. When we mentioned to the hotel concierge that we’d be taking it down to SLO, he actually didn’t know what road we were talking about, until we said Highway One. In Los Angeles, we all just used the term PCH to describe any bit of the coastal highway that you would take, but in official terminology, it remains that name only up to a certain point north of LA. Goes to show that we Los Angeleans always thought we were more important than we truly were 😉

In any case, I’m a nut for lighthouses, so any time we’re near one, I have to get out and take a picture. Our goal was to see any lighthouse, anywhere in the country, and the first one we came across was the beautiful Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero.

Me in front of the Lighthouse, where it was really, really cold. February was extra-rainy in California this year, and the drive down the coast was super foggy and dismal (but still beautiful).

The two of us together with Pigeon Point in the background. The lighthouse buildings now serve as a hostel, although tours of the lighthouse itself are no longer permitted for structural reasons.

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