Apollonia 6? More Like Apollonia 80!

Achievement: #11. Hit level 80 with Apollonia

I’ve been a rather dedicated World of Warcraft player now since the summer of 2007, when we moved to Los Angeles and my mum and aunt decided that I needed to join their guild in order for the three of us to still stay in touch while I was across the country. However, I’m one of those people who will spend eternity grinding for that special set of gear (we all laughingly call my main the Carrie Bradshaw of Azeroth), so it took me a very long time to get to level 80.

The big day finally happened in March, after a whole lot of grinding and questing in Northrend. Here she is, just-barely-80, my fabulous Night Elf Druid, Apollonia!

Level 80
Questing in Icecrown! I sure miss my XP bar sometimes!

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  1. woubbie

    Awwww. I didn't know you hit 80 doing the Bridenbrad questline! How sweet is that!