The 2010 Primanti’s-For-All: PNC Park

Achievement: #13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

If you live in Pittsburgh, you know about the magic that is Primanti Brothers. If you’ve ever visited Pittsburgh with some Yinzer friends or family, they’ve probably taken you there. And let’s face it, once you’ve gone Primanti, you’ll never go back. There’s just no way to top the concept of putting your fries and your coleslaw right in the mix of your sandwich.

Our goal for 2010 is to visit all of the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers. We have to specify Pittsburgh, because they’ve now opened locations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and well, we just don’t have enough vacation time for that! Trip #1 was a delicious (yet depressing) one. We were part of history!

History, as in the Buccos worst loss of all time. On April 22, the Milwaukee Brewers crushed our poor Pirates for a final score of 20-0. Yes, that’s right, we didn’t score a single run against their twenty. It was an afternoon game, and we had free tickets, but it was just plain painful. The only thing that made it less than disastrous? A Primanti’s capicola sandwich. Yes indeed. 🙂

PNC Primanti's
The PNC Park Primanti Brothers. A win at the ballpark when nothing else is!

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