Pittsburgh’s “Three Sisters”

Achievement: #12. Make a photo documentary of Pittsburgh bridges

Our second bridge was the Warhol (Seventh Street) Bridge, which we crossed en route to the worst Buccos loss in history! It was on Earth Day, a really beautiful day, even though the Buccos just stunk out the joint.

Here is the view of the Clemente (Sixth Street) Bridge from the Warhol Bridge. These bridges cross the Allegheny River.

You can see the pictures of Andy Warhol on the bridge in this shot. There are three matching bridges that cross the Allegheny at this point: the Andy Warhol, the Roberto Clemente, and the Rachel Carson (Ninth Street) bridges.

This is the Clemente Bridge, as seen from PNC Park. They close this bridge down before, during, and after Buccos games so fans can walk across, and so that saxophone guy who can’t play “Here We Go Steelers” in tune is free to attempt his musical genius for all to hear.

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