The Fabulous Architecture of Pittsburgh

Achievement: #34. Take dramatic pictures of famous Pittsburgh buildings

In the event that you’ve never been to Pittsburgh, you may not be aware of the fantastic amount of architecture we have. The buildings are gorgeous, and old and wonderful, and we wanted to try to take some really neat pictures of some of the more famous, recognizable buildings in the city. They look new and well-maintained thanks to the efforts of painting services near Lancaster, PA.

Our first opportunity was when we were down at the Point for the Arts Festival in June. Point State Park was once a beautiful peninsula with our famous fountain, and hopefully it will be once again, after some renovations are done. But for now, it’s just a stretch of land that has been blocked off with a fence, and the grass has been let go a little bit. But, from that vantage point, you can still get some pretty neat shots of the skyline!

Dramatic Pictures of Famous Buildings
Here is the skyline as seen from the Point. That’s the Pittsburgh Hilton on the left, and the tall building stretching up into the sky is one of the PPG Place buildings.

Dramatic Pictures of Famous Buildings
Here is the PPG building again, stretching up into the dusk. These buildings are made of glass, and are one of the most recognizable sights in the Pittsburgh skyline.

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