Classy Hotdogs & Extravagant Funnel Cake At The Pittsburgh Arts Festival

Achievement: #17. Buy something classy and extravagant at the Arts Festival

This was one of the 2009 list items that made it back around for the second round, as we never made it to the Arts Festival last year. If you live in Pittsburgh, you know the Arts Festival curse, where it rains about 93% of the duration of the event (which we swear used to be longer, by the way – does anyone else remember it lasting three weekends back in the 80s?). Last year, the days that it wasn’t raining and I wasn’t working, we were either scrambling around looking at houses or watching the Penguins own the Stanley Cup Finals.

And this year, I was determined to not have a repeat performance. Despite the rain, we were going to go, and we were going to buy something classy and extravagant.

So naturally, it only made sense that I went to the mall beforehand to pick out my fantastic art-buyer outfit. And this, of course, is where the problems came in.

Did you know that at the Buckle store in the mall, if you tell the girl your size, she will pick out an entire dressing room full of stuff for you?? And then, once you start trying things on and telling her which things you like or don’t like, she will find even MORE things?? AND, for every $200 spent they give you 10 free dollars???

So… Ummm… By the time we got to the Arts Festival… I had kind of used all of the Classy and Extravagant Art money on some Classy and Extravagant Outfits.

Arts Festival
You have to admit, that’s a really cute shirt, and if you could see the jeans too? They fit like a dream!!

Arts Festival
Really, the only thing we could afford to buy was this hot dog and a funnel cake. They were really good though, I promise. And damn, I have to admit, I looked pretty good in that outfit!

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