The 2010 Primanti’s-For-All: Cranberry

Achievement: #13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

I know what you’re thinking: Primanti Brothers two days in a row?? And yes, it seems excessive, but… well, it was necessary. There are only so many weeks left in the year, and we didn’t realize quite how many new restaurants there are.

So Stop #3 on the Primanti journey was the new Cranberry location, after visiting Living Treasures (and thoroughly washing our hands). Suffice to say that we are not suburb people in general, and we are particularly not suburb Primanti people. That being said, a list is a list, so we had to go anyway, and we did.

This Primanti’s has a real, separate kitchen off somewhere that you can’t see, and the bar on a weekday has business men drinking white wine. I swear I’m not making this up; the guy next to us was doing some kind of office-type work and drinking chardonnay at the Primanti’s bar. We were a little freaked out, and it got even weirder when we realized that they were playing Star 100.7 (the variety pop station) and not WDVE (the wonderful, Yinzery classic rock station that is the only thing that sounds appropriate at Primanti’s).

Even WEIRDER: they had a real menu! The real, city Primanti’s have a wooden sign above the bar listing prices, and no frilly things like appetizers or pizzas. But the suburb Primanti’s are a different beast. They are built like a TGI Friday’s, and they have appetizers.

And we’re open-minded people, and we do so love appetizers, so we tried the mozzarella wedges, and I will say that they were delicious. But weird. So, SO weird.

We have decided to branch out even more in our Primanti’s quest, so we have been trying to try different sandwiches. Neither of us had ever tried the fish sandwich, so we split one after our mozzarella wedges. It was really good: perfectly crispy and yummy with the fries and coleslaw. I think it is something we would try again, for sure, even though we will probably never return to this location. Gosh, we are such city snobs! 🙂

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