The Triggers At Howlers

Achievement: #73. See the Triggers

If you live in Pittsburgh and haven’t seen the Triggers, shame on you. If you don’t live in Pittsburgh, you still might get a chance to check out this band, because they are really becoming more than just a local favorite.

But they will always still be that to me.

I discovered the Triggers in 2006, just a few months before I discovered a cute boy at the coffeeshop who later became my husband. That summer, we saw a few of their shows, because I really wanted to share this awesome band with Michael. He was sold pretty much instantly, and not just because the girl he was crazy about was crazy about this band.

The Triggers are an insanely fun band, sort of Weezer-y, but less whiny and more catchy. The guys in the band always seem to have a good time, and they never seem to take themselves too seriously, as is often the problem with decent Pittsburgh indie bands. You can check out their music at MySpace, but the best way to experience them is to take in a show.

As we’d been living in LA, we hadn’t seen the band in a few years. It seemed like every time they had a show, we had a prior engagement, and they were starting to branch out and play more and more out-of-state shows.

But finally, in the midst of my work weekend, and after fourteen long hours on my feet, we ventured back to our old part of town to see the Triggers at Howler’s. What we didn’t know was that while they were listed online as the second band, they were actually the closers, and we wouldn’t even get to see anything more than the drummer collecting cover charges until 12:30am. Keep in mind that I had to be back at work Saturday morning at 8am.

But we had so much fun!! They are just as great as we remember them, and we danced and enjoyed the night, smoky hipsters and all. We really can’t wait to see them the next time, hopefully when we can be wide awake and enjoying the full set!

Here we are, being snarky about hipsterdom like only we can. 🙂

And here’s what you really came to see: the best dang Pittsburgh band this side of Donnie Iris (annnnnd somebody’s bald spot, our bad).

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