Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Sababa Middle Eastern Grill

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

We decided to be quite efficient with our Murray Ave food (mostly because the year is running out faster than we are able to keep up with the eating lol), so we hit three places in one day! Really, it was quite a gluttonous event, but if you’re going to misbehave, you mightaswell go all out!

Stop number one was lunch at Sababa Middle Eastern Grill. This is a new place that recently opened and serves ‘Middle Eastern’ food. I was not quite sure what this was, and to be honest, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t find anything I liked. Boy was I wrong!!

Sababa Grill
We started with the Rainbow platter, which was seven different types of appetizers. While I can’t say that we were able to identify each one, I can certainly say that we enjoyed them all. Among our favorites were the hummus and babaganush, and the fluffy pita bread served with it was perfect.

Sababa Grill
For the main course, we split a ‘pick two’ platter of chicken shishlik and beef kababa. It was like a perfectly-seasoned hamburger on a stick, and that juicy, thinly-sliced chicken you get at the mall food court and feel guilty eating. Loved it! It came with rice and grilled veggies.

On the walk home, we stopped at the wonderful little Bubble Pi for dessert. They refer to what they do as ‘baking arts,’ that that could not possibly be more accurate. When we walked in, the woman who owns the shop had just taken a batch of fresh goodies out of the oven, and she talked us out of the simple cookie we were eyeing up, and into fresh, hot, buttery brioches.

She told us that the secret to her business is, “Make something excellent, and sell it at the right price.” Did I mention we got both of these incredible treats for less than three dollars??

Bubble Pi
Michael usually reserves this kind of joy for churros, but this brioche was totally worth it!

Bubble Pi
If it would not make me way eleven thousand pounds, I would eat one of these with every meal. Imagine the fluffiest, most doughy, delicious sweet bread you’ve ever had, and then put Boston cream inside of it. Yes, that delicious! We will certainly be back to check out their bubble tea!

And finally, as Michael had been sick for a few days and didn’t feel like cooking, we decided to get takeout for dinner. This allowed us to knock off our third restaurant of the day, by grabbing some pizza delivery from Lucci’s Pizza.

Lucci Pizza
We accidentally ate most of the cheese sticks before we took their picture, but here is the one survivor with that wonderful pizza.

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