Beach Yoga, Canadian-Style

Achievement: #6. Do yoga on the beach

This Achievement was originally intended for our February trip to SLO County, where I first got to do yoga on the beach. Avila Beach is such a quiet, beautiful little place, and everything shuts down early, so we always feel motivated to get up early in return. I would bring my yoga mat and do yoga on the sand before 8am with the sun just coming up, and it was fantastic, so relaxing and rejuvenating. I realized while there that all the time we were meditating in our yoga studio back on Magnolia Boulevard, I was pretending the sound of cars passing the studio were waves crashing onto the shore.

Unfortunately, the rainy season lasted just a little longer than normal this year, and I didn’t get the chance to do my yoga after all. I was panicking, as that would mean there was an Achievement I certainly couldn’t complete. However, our need for travel hit us over the summer, and we decided to take a weekend up in Canada for some wine tasting and the Shaw festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

…where it also rained.

But the year is halfway over, and I may not be anywhere near a beach again before 2011, so we did what only real troopers can do, and we hit the beach in a light morning drizzle.

My absolute favorite yoga pose of all time, Warrior II.

And Michael decided he should give this yoga stuff a try too, so here is his first attempt at the warrior sequence!

I can now proudly say that my yoga mat has sand from two different beaches on it 🙂

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