South Oakland For Life

Achievement: #85. Visit the South Oakland sign for a photo

I lived in South Oakland five of my six years at Pitt, and Michael lived there with me the last year, and the place will always have a fond place in our hearts. Well, it has a little fonder spot for me than for Michael, who likes to say things like, “Honey, if we go to Mad Mex, are you going to get sad that you’re not in college anymore?” (I do occasionally get wistful, I will admit, but it’s not SO bad… I mean… Well, nevermind 😉

There is a sign back on Dawson Street, in the very South part of South Oakland, that says “South Oakland: Home of Dan Marino and Andy Warhol,” and throughout college, my friends and I always joked that we were going to take my picture in front of the sign and Photoshop in the words ‘and me!’ because I loved the South so much.

Well, I haven’t Photoshopped in any additions, but we finally got to see the sign up close and in person today!

South Oakland
I’ll never get over you, Semple Street. <3

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