Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Silky’s Hits The Spot

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

After a nice, long, CRAZY twelve-hour shift at work, what better comfort is there than… BAR FOOD!

(Note: this post involves a lot of bad decisions. If you don’t like bad decisions… read on anyway, so you can learn how to avoid them!)

We headed up to Silky’s on Murray Ave to get some dinner and a drink or two, and we immediately forgot that we had been to Silky’s in Bloomfield the previous year (2009 Achievement: eat at every restaurant on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield). In fact, we forgot that straight up until the end of the night when we had these weird deja-vu feelings.

Bad decision number one: get onion rings AND the special appetizer of the night (crab puffs or whatever they were called).

Bad decision number two: each order our own entree and do not share one!

Here is my half of the bad decision number two. I will say, however, that the second half of the burger heated up quite nicely for lunch the next day 🙂

Bad decision number three: take a picture of us after we ate the whole world of greasy food.

All in all, the food at Silky’s was good, and the drinks were relatively cheap, but next time we *must* remember that a little bit of Silky’s bar food goes a long way! Good thing we walked up the hill and back to burn at least a little bit of calories! 🙂

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