Cooking Light Recipes: Chops, Cheese, & Parsley Potatoes

Achievement: #7. Make 26 different recipes from Cooking Light

Ladies and gentlemen. We all know how much I adore my husband’s cooking. I have raved over and over about his delicious dinners. But this time, I swear, he has outdone himself. I am not just saying that because I love him dearly. This was the best effing dinner we’ve had since we started this cooking Achievement!!

I would like to present the incredible triple-play feature that highlighted my Thursday night:

Cooking Light
First of all, he did the selecting of recipes, and then the shopping for the recipes, and then all of the cooking. All I did was play World of Warcraft and check Facebook. And clean-up. I usually handle that part of the meal 🙂

What you see above are three earth-shattering foods. Part one is the tomato flatbread with goat cheese. (We bought the bread, as we didn’t have time to make it from scratch.) Part number two is the parsley potatoes. And the crowning piece of the meal is the honey-rosemary stuffed pork chops. Those little chunky bits? Those are apple chunks (we substituted red delicious for Granny Smith apples). The flavors were all perfectly blended, and I wished this meal could have gone on forever. While it was time-consuming, it was so worth it!

Cooking Light
We paired it with a nice red, and let our naughty little pup lick the plate, since she sat so patiently during this amazing meal. Lucy is a lucky little girl, getting to be around all of these tasty recipes!

I will find a way to have Michael cook this meal again. Yes, I sure will 🙂 If you are keeping track at home, these are dishes #19 – #21. We are almost there (but that doesn’t mean I will let Michael stop cooking).

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