Our Year In Overindulgence: Seafood Buffet (And More) At Hokkaido

Achievement: #100. Overindulge on wings, vodka, seafood, and cupcakes (but not at the same time)

Ok, I’ll admit, when it came to the end of the list, we may have been scraping for ideas a bit. But this Achievement is just so inclusive, covering so many different aspects of indulgence!

We completed our seafood overindulgence with a trip to Hokkaido, which is a new-ish seafood buffet between our house and the Waterfront. And I have to inform you that ‘seafood buffet’ is a bit misleading, as it’s basically an ‘everything vaguely Chinese/Japanese/bar food/seafood’ buffet. There was pizza on this buffet (which is a gigantic buffet, stretching across half of the wall space of the restauarant).

We each started with a plate of the basics: General Tso’s chicken, salt and pepper squid, pepper steak, and rice.

I also tried the wonton soup, which was good, but not great. The tea was really great, and only 50 cents!

Round two was sushi. I’ll admit, sushi buffet in the middle of hot buffet is kind of creepy to me. But the turnaround time was fast, and everything seemed fresh, and neither of us got sick the next day, so I think everything was ok.

Round three was fatty foods, including shrimp and chive biscuit, sweet rolls, sweet dumplings, crab rangoons, sweet & sour chicken, fried shrimp, and round pork dumpling. Quite good, but a little over the top.

We kept dessert simple, with grapes and a split plate of a few samplings. It was almost too much, but you have to finish with something sweet after all those salty plates!

This sign cracked us up: if you don’t finish your food, you get charged an additional $8.00. We were sure to join the clean plate club!

Will we go back? Probably not. Everything was really heavy, and really, we should not be eating buffet food anyway. But was it worth the experience? Sure. Just this once. I promise, just this once 🙂

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