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Brunchstravaganza At Spirit Lodge

Achievement: #77. Brunch Triple Feature

If you only have time to make it to three brunches this year…the FIRST one should be the Pure Moods Health Brunch at Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville! Take a look at the delights on offer. Continue reading

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In Which Michael (Literally) Sings The Praises of The Hoss’s Salad Bar

Achievement: #9. Michael Goes to Hoss's

Fox loves Hoss’s; Michael’s never been. But last night, all was made right in the world. How much did Michael enjoy the Hoss’s Salad Bar? Check out the interview (and the song break). Continue reading


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The Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise

Achievement: #15. Locks & Dams Tour

Take a ride with us on a unique Pittsburgh river tour: the Gateway Clipper Locks & Dams Cruise! On this little jaunt we enjoyed dinner, drinks, dancing, and dams (as well as locks, but you know…alliteration and all). Continue reading

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Our Year In Overindulgence: Seafood Buffet (And More) At Hokkaido

Achievement: #100. Overindulge on wings, vodka, seafood, and cupcakes (but not at the same time)

Ok, I’ll admit, when it came to the end of the list, we may have been scraping for ideas a bit. But this Achievement is just so inclusive, covering so many different aspects of indulgence! We completed our seafood overindulgence … Continue reading

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Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Coriander India Grill Is Tip-Top

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

For my birthday lunch, we decided to check out the newest addition to Murray Ave, Coriander India Grill. Earlier in the year, many businesses had closed, and it was kind of stressing us out – how could we move to … Continue reading

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