The 2010 Primanti’s-For-All: Consol Energy Center

Achievement: #13. Go to all the Pittsburgh Primanti Brothers

We started the year with fifteen Primanti Brothers locations to hit. Throughout the course of 2010, the number of restaurants in the Pittsburgh area grew to 17. However, because these were added after the start date of our year-long challenge, we have excluded them.

Kind of.

So, one of the original locations is Heinz Field, and Steeler tickets are like the magical golden tickets from Willy Wonka, and you never know just when you’ll get one of them. This has not been one of the seasons that we do, so we substituted the brand new Consol Energy Center location for the Heinz Field one, as we did have tickets to a Pens game.

(We are just not going to Grove City, sorry. Every time I go to Grove City, I go to the Gap Outlet, and eating Primantis just does not go along with that all that well.)

Anyway! The new Primantis offers roast beef, cheesesteak, and capicola, which is different from the Heinz Field and PNC locations (that only offer cap and cheesesteak). We got capicola anyway, since that’s my favorite, and I missed the little video they show before the puck drops because I was in line (who knew that section 119 was the complete opposite end of the arena from section 214??).

Extra fries, because we are piggies!

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