Food Pairings That Go With Jean-Claude Van Damme

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave | #30. Eat a different appropriately-themed food with each Van Damme movie

One of the caveats with the Van Damme Movie Marathon was that we had to tie in foods with each movie. I think this was originally just an excuse for me to sneak in some Primantis (movie set in Pittsburgh ftw!), but we started getting really into the idea and the planning. Like I said, this night wound up going muuuuuch longer than we thought it would!

Van Damme Food
Movie #1 was Bloodsport, which was set in Hong Kong. For this, we decided to have Chinese food from New Dumpling House up the street, which also makes this count for our Murray Ave Restaurant Achievement! We had the tempura appetizer, which was a bit heavy but delicious, and creamy crab rangoons, and of course, dumplings. Everything was so very, very good!

Van Damme Food
Movie #2 was Hard Target, which was set in New Orleans. We spent some time thinking about where in the city we could get Cajun food, and finally, at the very last minute, we came up with Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. So we headed over to Wilkinsburg and got chicken nuggets and a po’ boy, all of which was so meaty and delicious. You will notice that Lucy’s begging gets worse and worse as the night progresses!

Van Damme Food
Movie #3 was Double Impact, which I always associate with France. Michael thought I was crazy until we watched it again and realized why: one of the twins gets sent to an orphanage in France to be raised, and there is a clear line of French dialogue. So, when Pittsburgh failed to produce any eclairs, despite trips to multiple Dunkin’ Donuts, we settled for chocolate mousse from Gullifty’s. Don’t worry, Lucy kept her paws off of this one, and had some Goldfish to tide her over instead!

Van Damme Food
The final movie of the night was Sudden Death, and even though there was no Primanti Brothers at the Civic Arena (there is one now at the new Consol Center, which we have visited already), it is still the most Pittsburgh of restaurants, and so we went to the 24-hour Strip District location at 2:30am for our kielbasa sandwich. Oh man oh man was it good. Lucy may have gotten a little lick or two at the end, but only because she was being soooo good all night! And boy were we full once the night was done!

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