In Which We Fake-Celebrate The Pittsburgh Pirates’ World Series Win

Achievement: #86. Celebrate something imaginary at a nice restaurant

As I’ve mentioned before, we were kind of searching for things to add to our list at the start of the new year,and one of our ideas (well, my idea) was to celebrate something imaginary at a nice restaurant. This took a lot more thought than creating the idea for the Achievement did.

First of all, because I’m superstitious as hell, I didn’t want to celebrate anything imaginary that I hoped to someday become real. I’d thought about pretending to celebrate that I’d gotten my book published, or that Michael had sold a screenplay, but I really hope those two will someday come true, so I didn’t want to risk it.

But there’s one thing we know will probably never happen, and no amount of us pretending could possibly jinx it, since it probably won’t happen ever again. We’re pretty damn sure that at the rate things are going, the Buccos will never win the World Series. So we pretended that they did.

Celebrating something Imaginary
First of all, we were soooo excited to have been at the final win of the Series, and believe it or not, I caught the game-winning grand slam ball! Who would have thought? All those years of bringing my mitt to the games finally paid off!

Celebrating something Imaginary
And Michael was just so excited that he couldn’t even take off his Pirates hat, even though we were dining at the really fancy Primadonna restaurant.

Celebrating something Imaginary
And even though the Buccos just won tonight, there was already an edition out of the newspaper about it! I brought the front page with me, so that everyone would know we weren’t just making up their big win!

Celebrating something Imaginary
Michael was even drinking wine with his Pirates hat on. That is dedication!

Celebrating something Imaginary
You’ll notice that Michael grew a playoff beard, but unlike his Penguins playoff beard in 2009, which was quite huge, he didn’t really have a chance to grow much of one for the Pirates, since they were just so dominant and swept all of the teams in the previous series.

Celebrating something Imaginary
Even our dessert was celebrating!

Celebrating something Imaginary
And here I am, outside the Primadonna, celebrating in the streets of McKees Rocks!! Our Pirates are #1!!

(Do you know how difficult it was to take these pictures at the restaurant without anyone looking at us like we were crazy?? We are SO dedicated to this Achievement list, I swear!)

Celebrate Something Imaginary
And in case any of you were wondering about my real, authentic, not-Photoshopped-in-any-way newspaper (in case, you know, you couldn’t get to the Giant Eagle to pick up your own), here it is, complete with compelling headlines of other interesting news stories of the day! (The only headline that I couldn’t get in on my scan was this: Spirit of Clemente soars in to make crucial catch, receives game MVP).

Celebrate Something Imaginary
And you know the Buccos *really* won the Series because of this picture! There wouldn’t be a celebration picture like this, if we hadn’t won, right? Roberto has a sweet, genuine halo there, see? None of this is Photoshopped at all, which I’m sure you can tell!

(How we will top this in 2011, I do not know, but we will come up with something!)


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2 Responses to In Which We Fake-Celebrate The Pittsburgh Pirates’ World Series Win

  1. Jen this is hilarious…love you even more for this..u never told me about this at all.

  2. Jen this is hilarious…love you even more for this..u never told me about this at all.

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