Murray Avenue Restaurant Challenge: Sree’s Is The Bee’s Knees

Achievement: #2. Eat at every restaurant on Murray Ave

Our next stop on Murray Ave was Sree’s Foods, which is an Indian restaurant best known for its food truck on CMU campus. I don’t know if food trucks are a universal thing, so I’ll briefly explain this concept. Think of a stationary ice cream truck, but put delicious ethnic foods in the truck instead of ice cream. That’s the concept of the campus food truck. CMU has Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Greek food trucks, which my husband frequented in college (he says the word ‘frequented’ does not accurately portray how frequently he ate at the trucks) and swears are delicious. Part of the lure of the food trucks is that they’re really cheap, with full meals for $5 and under.

But Sree’s also has a few off-campus locations, one of which happens to be up the street from us on Murray Ave. The weird thing about it (to me, at least) was that the restaurant functions much like a food truck: there is a ‘vegetarian option’ plate and a ‘meat option’ plate. And that’s that. It changes based on the day, but you don’t actually get to pick your food.


I had the vegetarian option (on the left), and Michael had the meat option (on the right). They didn’t have real naan bread, it was more like a regular pita pocket, and apparently, there are not presently samosas, which kind of broke my heart.

Overall, the food was decent, and it was certainly affordable (less than $12 for two meals), but I don’t know that we’d eat there again. I can see this being an effective choice for a campus food truck, but we have the delicious variety of the Corriander buffet now (which is actually a few blocks closer to our house anyway), and the hours at Sree’s are quite limiting (5-9pm only). I do think that if they offered samosas, I might give one a try. I am really crazy about those. Maybe in 2011, we will learn to cook our own. 🙂

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