In Which Michael Loses His Rocky Horror Virginity

Achievement: #45. See Rocky Horror with Steve and Tony

This Achievement was a fail, but since we gave it such a valiant effort, I give us a pass on it. It was really out of our control (mostly), but we really gave it a shot.

Michael has never seen a Rocky Horror shadowcast, and since my friends are basically the best shadowcast players in the whole country, I really wanted my husband to get to experience it. Unfortunately, the theater where the local group was doing it every month closed unexpectedly, so there was only one shot for us to go.

…and that was a double-feature night at the Oaks Theater, on a night I had to work until 10, and thus could not make the first show. I asked Tony (who is the king of all Rocky Horror viewings) if we should get advance tickets, and he assured me we wouldn’t need them… so I at least got to give him some crap about that, in the end of things.

But, we showed up, and we stood in line for a few minutes, right up until the workers evaluated the situation and realized that not enough people had left after the first show to accommodate those of us standing outside for the second, and we were turned away.

Rocky Horror Fail
I think the old adage ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen’ can be adapted here to ‘unflattering picture proves you get an A for effort.’ Right?

There is always 2011… cross your fingers!

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